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OT - I do it to myself.. Another unrelated (mostly) project.

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  • OT - I do it to myself.. Another unrelated (mostly) project.

    I could not pass it up - My daily driver is a 2006 Toyota corolla with 250K (original clutch).

    I got this 2017 Jetta with 60k miles for the price of what the guy would get for the catalytic converts + Junk yard price.. I hope to have around $3.5k all said and done.

    There is very little actual frame damage - whatever they ran into hit pretty high.

    1.4l turbo 5 speed.

    Click image for larger version

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    Better you than me --- i'll stick to blown engines and shelled out transmission --- but that cars so new you could still part stuff out and make some moola...

    I just hate stuff like that and also having to have a salvage title as you take a huge hit in resale just for that... I do hope it goes well for you.


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      Good luck. It will be interesting on what you get in it dollar wise. That looks like a lot more than $3500 total investment to me to make that car look nice.


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        Even if it is over that - it is still a deal.. The air conditioning was still charged - surprised the heck out of me...

        I have about 2k of body parts (passenger door, fender - bumper and grill, radiators (there are 2 + condenser) coolant overflow, washer fluid bottle, intake box and other random stuff I have forgotten.)

        which should get me 80% there..



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          That'll keep you busy for a while My only worry would be potential damage to the passenger A pillar due to the door being crumpled up. Might have happened from a secondary side impact or from the A pillar moving backwards, no way to tell from here. I'm guessing you've already looked into that though!

          If you can get all the parts from junkyards, pick'a'parts and the like you can do this to a pretty tight budget if you have the time and skills. My challenge would be cutting out the spot welds of the front clip and welding a new one in.

          For reference, I had a similar accident last year (on my birthday no less), hitting fairly high up. Took out the rad, most of the AC, wings, crush rails and the like, no airbags deployed or damage behind the A pillar. So far that's cost our insurer over $10k and I still need to take it back to get some stuff fixed (Friday afternoon special ). Take out the labour and the new parts and I can easily see you hitting your budget.


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            That's a nice trailer...

            U pull&pays make for very reasonable parts sometimes actually dirt cheap... and the weathers getting better so if you have one by you their are worth checking into - you can find out their inventory on line - as far as whole cars - they don't know what they have as far as parts to those cars but they do have a date they got introduced into the yard so if they just got put in odds are good - if they been sitting for a long time they are most likely picked clean and about to hit the scapper..

            trouble being in your case, the cars fairly new - so odds are against you - also - it's a front end collision - again - odds are against you due to most accidents (and the reason their in there in the first place) happen with cars hitting things while their traveling forward of course...

            I share Matts concern about the front door pillar --- I would think also that your P.Side front shock tower is toast,,, in fact I do believe I see negative camber in that wheel... if so your going to have to find another unibody front end to "glue" onto the existing body structure,,, that's if your door pillars not toast....

            But you sound more handy at this than I will ever be so i'll keep my yap shut and just try to give input for cheap parts...
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              To me that looks like a pretty high hit with the hood being buckled the way it is and the stuff under it ont as bad. If that pillar was bent that bad, you would think that the front windshield would be blowed out also. The biggest worry to me would be if the air bags went off. If those bags are blowen you will be looking at big dollars for the replacements. Back in the day I seen hits bigger than that and people got them back together.
              John From Slinger, Wisconsin


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                The passenger side fender support got turned over.. that seems to be it.. I have that coming.. as said - drill out the spot welds and put the new one in... The passenger door closes perfectly - a pillar looks great. I will have more pictures soon


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                  Very cool, looking forward to the rebuild pics. That must have gone under the back of a tractor trailer at <15mph - high hit and no air bags deployed by the looks of things.


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                    I hope that's true and there's no surprises... isn't it amazing what a little 1.4 liter is pushing around these days thanks to direct injection gas?

                    and I bet it scoots too... hope you end up with a good steed and yes keep us posted...


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                      I will throw in this little tid-bit, the door may open and close just fine cuz the door may have gotten "compressed" in the collision and in fact the side kinda looks that way,,, so a new door skin might not fit the door frame and a new door might not fit in the doors working space...


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                        So much plastic... It keeps raining out.. lol.. So the only frame part that got bent is what is circled below. I have that part coming...

                        I do need a intake manifold and inter-cooler.. It got hit just hard enough to bend the aluminum nipples of the inter-cooler and cracked the plastic intake.. So $300 more..

                        I could probably fix the inter-cooler - but for that price I get both. Sure is a cute engine..

                        Click image for larger version

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                          Great pic, look at that front bumper - it looks like new :-)

                          so it did get to the shock tower? so do you have to connect all the way back to the firewall?

                          still puzzles me how the door took a crunch,,, just the cheesy front fender getting pushed back does not seem like it would cause a major buckle in the door panel...

                          So anyways --- yeah plastics -- their all doing it but in my book the Germans are the worst,,,

                          I stated this on here before --- and this was many years ago --- I replaced a BMW's radiator without any tools!!! just snap together plastic crap everywhere --- im sure since then they did not have some kinda "epiphany moment" and started building real cars after that - you know it's only gotten worse...


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                            Originally posted by A.K. Boomer View Post

                            still puzzles me how the door took a crunch,,, just the cheesy front fender getting pushed back does not seem like it would cause a major buckle in the door panel....
                            I would be a little concerned about this.


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                              No clue on the door - it seems like maybe it just got 'touched' with something.. It suposidly sat for 2 years after the accident. (btw - I don't know the whole story - but it sounds like 'dad' took care of it. - the title is clear - no insurance involved) Another reason I thought it was a good deal.

                              The shock tower is pretty much at the fire wall - not touched at all. Only the last foot or so of the fender mount got munched.. Will know more when I get the replacement mount..

                              Originally posted by A.K. Boomer View Post
                              so it did get to the shock tower? so do you have to connect all the way back to the firewall?

                              still puzzles me how the door took a crunch,,, just the cheesy front fender getting pushed back does not seem like it would cause a major buckle in the door panel...