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  • Mitutoyo Combimike 159-211

    The friction sleeve won't turn the spindle even with a new friction spring. I can turn it with the thimble but it's hard to turn in a couple spots. I've lubed the spindle and digital drive gears with ptfe but need to get to the spindle threads. Anyone had one apart? Exploded diagram shows setscrews under a cover above the lock.
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    Is that the imperial on the sleeve, metric on the digit counter? I've had one of those apart as the digits would skip or lag, could never zero it. Let me know and I'll try and remember what I did


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      Imperial sleeve, metric digits for sure.


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        ok, so my memory is pretty hazy about several parts, but I'm pretty sure this is what I did:

        - undo the cover over the digits

        - remove the digit counter - it first slides down (out of engagement with the spindle) and then you can pull it out. This is also how you zero it to the spindle, disengage, rotate digits, reengage.

        - gets a bit fuzzier here. I think that there's a collar on the spindle that drives the gears in the digit counter and I'm almost positive it's held in place with a tiny set screw. I'm also positive that there's a tiny key either in the spindle or in the collar (can't remember which, but there is one) that allows the spindle to drive the collar and also to move through the collar. I think that once you loosen the set screw you should be able to screw the spindle out and the collar can then be removed from the mike. I think. I can't remember if you can remove the key. I seem to remember trying and then giving up as it was very small and liked where it was at.

        Can't remember exactly what was wrong with mine or what I did to fix it. I think that the key was worn or the slot it rode in was gummed up or something similar. A bit of cleaning and fiddling got it engaged properly and now it holds its zero with the spindle.

        Sorry for the lack of precision on the later steps, it was a couple of years ago and I've only done it once