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  • Dividing plates retainer

    I have a Vertex rotary table and I bought a set of cheap dividing plates some time ago. The plates work fine but there is a retaining clip like an E clip wave washer which holds the indexing arms in place but it is very flimsy and does not work well. Is there any place that I can purchase a replacement or is there another way to hold these arms in place?

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    If you check the ID you could look for a Belleville washer with the same ID and slot it. They can be had in various spring pressures so you have options for how strongly it's held.

    Alternatively you might find an exact replacement with an industrial supplier. McMaster Carr lists spring e-clips here.
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      I have an assortment of wave washers but nothing is close. I looked at McMaster Carr and it looks like they have Belleville washers and It looks like there may be something there that can be made to work. Belleville washers is something new to me. Thanks..


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        I ran into a similar problem and found if I flipped it over and installed it in what looks like it is in backwards, it held OK.
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          I will try that next time I use it. At this point I have removed the dividing plates and reassembled the table and put it away. The whole setup works well and enables me to cut some rather weird gears. Just have to make sure that I you count the correct number of spaces and don't bump the adjusting arms and lose track of where you are. Don't ask how I know about this.


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            I recently made a dividing set for my rotab. I made a wavy spring out of .015 steel sheet. (It was the screw cover from a Kurt vise, so it was nice and flat, unlike shim stock on a roll from the hardware store.) It took a couple of tries, adding the bends reduced the diameter more than I anticipated. I suspect that shim stock from a roll would work without much trouble. Bending would overcome/compensate for any residual curve.

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              The clip on my Vertex dividing head looks like it was cut with blunt tin-snips from scrap roofing iron.