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    Originally posted by mf205i View Post
    .....You will find that something impressive starts happening at 5500 to 6K
    Not to totally derail the thread, but someone please enlighten me. What will I see at those surface speeds that I won't see at something lower? I'm not being a wise guy or saying that I don't believe this.

    I have an old Wilton "Square wheel" 2x27 that came equipped with a single speed 1HP motor and runs at a nominal 4600SFPM. As it is it removes material impressively fast, at least to my admittedly untrained eye. What could I expect to see improve at 1000+ SFPM faster? Just curious, really.


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      So, I made a crude 1x42” belt sander back in the middle 90’s. I used what I had. 6” drive wheel, 1725 rpm motor. The wheel is direct mounted to the motor, with a gas strut applying tension to the idler wheel. Pretty crude by comparison with Sid’s masterpiece. It’s really great, and is the most used machine in my shop since the day I finished it. Point is, don’t sweat the details. If you don’t have anything now, cobble something together. Mine’s good enough that I’ve avoided making another for 25 years or so.
      I cut it off twice; it's still too short
      Oregon, USA