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    Originally posted by J Tiers View Post

    My old S-10 had heavier factory springs, and it still was rated for only 1450 lb, including fuel, oil and people. No clue what the regular type was rated for. Even if you put in the springs, the rear axle bearings will need replacing sooner.

    Good point, that is very true. The only reason it's still on the truck is, I don't plan on keeping the truck for more than another 12-18 mos. Well, besides the fact that I don't have a cherry picker nor a chainfall... yep, going to have to do something about that. Had a job come up yesterday in Buffalo, our other welder was already in service and the boss asked me if mine was ready. FWIW, one of the cranes had tore off the mounts for a hydraulic cylinder -- and its supposed to rain today.
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      In 1945 my dad bought the second Lincoln 200 amp welder built after the war ended. It had a 4 cyl. continental engine, crank start. My dad had a small welding shop side line business plus a lot of road jobs. when I got older 8-10 years I would hold stuff to be welded, we always had some sort of a project going on. After 7th grade I helped on job from plumbing to concrete, by graduation I had a good skill set. the welder always ran good, when I bought my 11 acre farm in 1971 I put the welder inside and ran a exhaust pipe out the wall, I ran it for 10 years and sold it for $300 and bought Miller Ac-Dc buzz box. The only thing I remember that was trouble we had to unhook the welder from the truck or the vibration would break the tail light filaments, if the welder sat for a time the commutators would corrode and needed to be cleaned. I saw a add on NY Facebook for that Hobart for $150.

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