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How to use a REALLLLY small #68 drill bit .0310"

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    Though intended only for drilling graphite electrodes for EDM use, the little horizontal drill pictured below does a great job with little drills. I think most of the sizes I used were around .010", as you want the flush hole slightly under the amount of orbit you use on the electrode so the area under the hole gets completely burned away.

    The spindles are hollow, which allows you to start the drill with it barely protruding, extending it as the hole progresses. As the hole gets deeper, you set a stop to limit the table so the tip of the drill remains in the hole during the pecks. I often drilled 2"-4" deep and you don't want that much of a .010" drill bit to come out of the hole during a peck. It's pretty exciting, plus the owner reminds you once again how expensive the drills are.

    The moving table was very sensitive and intuitive to use, plus the horizontal setup made for better chip removal. The motors on these things are pretty weak and you would have problems with anything other than graphite, but it's an interesting design, so I thought I would toss it in the thread. The last shop I used one of these in just had an auction a few weeks back – I'd be curious if the Westoff even sold.

    Click image for larger version

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