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Hafco TC450 Tool & Cutter grinder

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  • Hafco TC450 Tool & Cutter grinder

    Hi all - this tool and cutter grinder came with other machinery I bought about 8 years ago. Have never used it and so I'm selling it - trouble is I don't know what its worth - any idea ??
    It is reasonable conditions and comes with all accessories and a heap of grinding wheels.

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    Hafco is the house brand of machinery made (usually in China) for the Australasian retailers Machinery House. My 250 x 500 (10 x 20 in American) lathe, for example, is a Hafco.

    The TC450 is not listed on Machinery House's current website, and the only tool and cutter grinder they do list does not appear to be of the Hafco brand.

    Perhaps a few pictures and specifications would help others to make some comparisons to help you. And given that the majority of this site's members are in the northern hemisphere, it might pay to say where you are located—I assume, since Hafco is a southern hemisphere brand, that you are in either Australia or New Zealand, where prices are very different from those in the USA.


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      Thanks for responding - yes I'm in Australia - this is labelled as being made in Taiwan...will try local posts Thanks again


      • #4 seems to suggest that one sold in Sydney two years ago for AU$200.