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how to precisley align 2 perpendicular linear stages

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    Originally posted by BCRider View Post

    Here's what I did from a scrap hockeypuck of steel.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	P1040615.jpg Views:	55 Size:	187.7 KB ID:	1997615

    I agree with Doozer, that is a nice simple and elegant design. At the other end of the spectrum is this ghetto squareness comparator. I made this as part of a quick and dirty experiment just to get a feel for some of this squareness checking stuff, and to test something I was working on. I have posted this previously in another thread, and yes, that is a large fender washer stuck to the indicator base with a couple of those small neodymium super magnets. Quick to do and used stuff that was at hand and it worked well enough to do what I needed at the moment. Simple, if not elegant.
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      I've been wanted to stock up some diamond powder for various lapping experiments, and I'm probably gonna want to lap this master square, so ordered some up. listed as 10-20 micron. just got 5g, how far will that get me? I would think many many charges on the small laps i'll be using, right?

      I assume laps are a 1 grit per plate type deal?

      i think i have a tool for charging the plates, though I've never used it. It was in a box with some lapidary plates, looks like a bearing with a handle? Do you need a different one of those per grit? I know the idea is to embed the diamond in the lap and the bearing race is very hard, but diamond is...well diamond, harder than everything.

      any opinions on having relief cuts (to clear debris) or just plan flat laps? lap size vs area being lapped?

      any other tips for a lapping noob just getting started?
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        I use a normal iron plate as a lap, actually I have two, one at about 8x12" the other 12x18". I swap between grits on the same plate by simply waiting for the coarser grit to wear down/fall off. 5g will last you probably 40-50 charges maybe more you use a tiny amount per charge and put the excess back in the pot by pouring it onto paper.

        I made a roller from a piece of capstan lathe socket which is fully hardened. I cut the end of the socket off with a 9" grinder, hammered an old MT arbor into it then turned a couple of axle studs in the ends. A piece of flat bar bent in the vice made a hande yoke. I did grind the OD but that's not essential.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Roller 1.jpg
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Name:	Roller 4.jpg
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        The beauty of this is that it holds some of the charge so you can re-charge the plate a time or two by re-rolling it.
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          Originally posted by mtraven View Post

          I should probably use that master square to make myself a nice-ish machinist square, probably a level too, maybe a height gauge... If ya give a mouse a cookie...

          I don't understand what you mean by that last sentence? what losses are you referring to?
          Sorry, very nice set up. Master square LOL. I dont have stuff like that, who does.

          Losses as in stacking losses. I dont like stacking losses. JR