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Source for small (1mm to 2mm or so) diamond round files?

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      Originally posted by J Tiers View Post
      The Vallorbe reference was simply that the place sells them, which means they may be more legitimate, and not some "thieves market" like "Bang-Good".
      I ordered the files. I'll report on how they are.
      Ahhh, gottcha now.. Funny, bang-good. Never tried them, some folks like them. A lil scketch for me.

      Im sure the ones you ordered from the legit dealer will fit the bill. JR


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        Diprofil DLA1
        West Sussex UK


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          Originally posted by J Tiers View Post
          I'm actually looking for a hand-operated type file, not a "diamond grinder" type thing.
          The NSK micro tools are nice if you have the budget. The usual jewelry supply houses should be able to supply diamond burrs:

          Also, if you feel like taking a flyer on a small rechargeable hand tool, Culiau (China) sells a small one and a set of "high carbon" bits for <$50. I bought one on a lark and it seems to work pretty well the few times I've used it so far, though it may fail completely tomorrow. It only takes tools with 3/32 or 2.25mm shanks, if that's important to you, but there are plenty of quality suppliers for that size tool.

          Mike Henry near Chicago


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            Thanks. I'll check the hand files, and if that is not handling it, I'll move on further to burs and power.
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