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Taper shank id and sale

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  • Taper shank id and sale

    Click image for larger version  Name:	49EA3A2D-DD88-4D9F-9960-38E66EE02941.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.64 MB ID:	1997638
    I got these 2 shanks on eBay purchases. Big one is 50 taper, 1-1/2” facemill shank, small one is 30 taper with a very coarse and shallow integral thread on top, 1-1/2”-18 boring head shank. Does anyone know what it fits or is called.

    Neither of these is of any use to me. If someone wants them they’re available for shipping plus $10 each. Probably Canada only, US shipping probably prohibitively expensive

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    The little one is Moore taper. Used on Moore jig borers.


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      Cool. I’m unlikely to end up with a jig borer so it’s definitely up for grabs


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        Who knows. They both look like 50 and 30 taper to me.

        The vise, that looks like mine lol.. I like it.

        That heavy thread on the 30 does look Moore-ish . JR


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          The cylindrical stub end of that 50 taper looks about half as long as normal for NMTB. Has it been shortened, or am I just imagining things?

          I don’t need or want it, but it might matter to it’s next owner.
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            No idea. It came off a mizoguchi boring and facing head I got off ebay. My mill is 40 taper so it's of no use to me. It's the only 50 taper I have ever seen in person so I have no basis for comparison