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    I'd like to either buy or make a flow meter for a garden hose.. The idea is to get some idea of how much water is being used by one of these "leakie" things that has been buried along a flower bed.
    It was buried to get the water down where the plant roots are and not waste so much on the surface to evaporation, a real problem here where the relative humidity is in the single digits most of the time. :-) AND the wind has been in the 20 to 50 MPH for weeks . :-) So either a flow meter or a volume (like the things on the gas pumps ) . Any ideas would be appreciated .

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    Well, heck, Lew:

    A google search of "water flow meter" turns up a bunch of options....


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      You probably do not just want "a flow meter". You probably want "a flow meter for low flow rates". Those "leaky hoses" do not have much of a flow rate out into the soil, and they tend to plug up with salts over time, reducing it even further.

      They also waste a lot of water in places where it is not needed. If applicable to your case, the systems with individual outlets, somewhat similar to Bijur oilers, are much more efficient at putting the water exactly where it is needed.
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        I would look for an old water meter.



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