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    Copper is too soft for that application, except for beryllium copper. That kind is expensive and has health hazards to work with.
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      I did not say use copper for bearings. I suggested to use the term " copper alloys" instead of "brass alloys".


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        The cast iron valve guide that the OP has already pressed in and lapped to size will be just fine for this application. Literally hundreds of millions of cast iron oil pumps in all types of service attest to cast iron as a material suitable for this type of service. The oil pump in your car or truck is very likely cast iron.

        As I eluded to in post two of this thread, the damage caused was most likely the result of years of storage and the failure to change oil regularly.
        Store or park an engine with oil contaminated with combustion byproducts and yes you will find the affects of corrosion.This is the main reason engine manufacturers advise the that engine oil should be changed before storage.
        I've seen it do a lot of damage to roller bearing, crank pins, sprocket shafts, and timing shafts.These components in this type of engine will often display damage incurred from decades of improper storage. Other types of engines are equally susceptible.
        Who knows how many decades the engine's internals were exposed to this acidic cocktail.

        I'm sure 36Chief will be much more diligent in looking after the old girls' service in the future and has little to gain by switching horses now. Also the oil he uses will be much more robust in it's ability to control corrosion than what has invariably gone through or remained in it's veins over the last 85 years.
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          Willy has it nailed down. 110% right on all counts.
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