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    I must chime in here, and say that I love J.B. Weld. Not for it's adhesive properties, and not for it's machinability properties, although they are not to be sneered at. I love it for it's ability to fill gouges and divots. It is in truth body-filler for machinists. If I never made a mistake, like some folks on the forum like to claim, then I probably wouldn't use it because I would never need it. But--Having approached machining rather late in life, I do end up with the odd place where nothing will hide my shame like J.B. Weld. The only improvement I can think of is that it would be wonderful if the damned stuff dried to the same color as 6061 aluminum.----Brian
    Brian Rupnow
    Design engineer
    Barrie, Ontario, Canada


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      I agree with Brian.
      A few years ago I had a 70's four cylinder 550 Honda bike in for repairs. The head and base gaskets and the block surface were leaking oil like mad.
      Upon disassembly the surfaces of the head and cylinder looked like the old gaskets (replaced by the owner) were chiseled off with an axe. I'm talking gouges up to 1/8" deep. Not wanting to spend hundreds on parts I suggested we do a JB Weld repair. I filled the damage with it then filed and stoned it flat. 3-4 years later he's still riding it and it's dry as a bone.