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Enlarging a Neoprene Hole

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    Originally posted by J Tiers View Post

    Spark plugs are specialty and have been mm threads for a long time. A French invention, or at least first made in volume by Frenchmen.

    Pushrods for a Harley are extremely surprising if mm sized. I would suppose H-D would say "you can't measure that in mm", just like our woodshop manager did. If they knew it was metric, they'd have a heart attack.

    Maybe it's just way undersized for a 0.250"....... More likely that size is what fit.

    Maybe the original problem is the bad seal is oversized (nearest metric size made in china?) and that squeezed it down to be too tight. seems reasonable.
    That seems to be what happened here, the holes in both seals weren't much different, but the large OD on the bad one reduced the hole by @ .016 when installed.

    A lot of the reproduction parts for this project were from India, those make you wish you could get something from China. The best parts were from the Netherlands. They ranged from perfect out of the box to needing minor finishing to be useful, the Indian ones were not recoverable. This is my first and last antique cycle project.
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      Originally posted by Spindle View Post


      A lot of the reproduction parts for this project were from India, those make you wish you could get something from China.................................
      Back when J&L was still competing with the other tool and supply places, and had a store not far from where I worked, I ordered some stuff from them. One was an MT3 to jacobs adapter.

      It arrived, and when I saw it, I refused it on the spot. It looked literally like some "project" your kid brother might have tried to make on the lathe when Daddy was away. Totally unrecognizable as having anything to do with it's label. Yes, it was from India.

      A lot of India is about on a par with the Pakistan shop videos. Some is worse, and a fair bit is a lot better. That adapter came from one of the "some is worse" category shops. I should have taken a pic, it was unbelievable. Miles and miles beyond "unusable".
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        I help maintain an Indian built 2000 Royal Enfield Bullet 500 which appears to have been produced by similar methods.