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filing machine used for sawing

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  • filing machine used for sawing

    I have an Italian floorstanding filing machine which can be converted to accept hacksaw blades to do some sawing on the table here it is,

    Has anyone tried this , seems like a good idea to do some thin sheet cutting as both my bandsaws are in the woodshop.I would use this on sheet brass copper and thin sheet steel etc please let me know if you have seen this or have tried it yourself kindest regards to my brothers Alistair
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    The nearest experience I have is using a scrollsaw, which has a thin blade like a coping saw, to cut .015" steel. The blade was much coarser than ideal, had only 15 teeth per inch, but careful movement seemed satisfactory. I found that the the small hold-down fork was a big advantage to keep the stock from bouncing up excessively.

    The die filer should be similar to mounting one of those portable reciprocating saws vertically in a table the way wood routers are sometimes undermounted to provide wood shaper capabilities.

    No reason I see that it shouldn't work quite satisfactorily.

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      Green ,Go figure.

      But really watch your fingers,they can be finger pinching SOB's


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        Did that picture come from a cartoon or is that the real colors?

        It should work if it was built that way. I'd make sure to set up the blade's "cut" on the down stroke though. Even with that, the sheet will want to lift so some type of stripper (or foot) may be needed.


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          Hi guys if you look carefully you will see there are built in hold dows which can be adjusted easily to stop uplift during cutting,at present they lie on top of the table in the photograph.I have a new saw scroll saw,a delta I was gloating about it last week or so a good American taiwanese model but for cutting straight lines in copper or brass or mild steel I prefer to use a hacksaw or band saw.But as said no bandsaw in the metal shop. I do have the filing machine green or otherwise however the files can be easily removed and replaced with saw blades. Hacksaw ones i think, as there are if you look again saw blade guides to stop the blade wandering so this I feel sure can as the machine has been designed to do this I wondered if anyone else had one and tried it I seem to recall Mark bought one like mine.Alistair
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            alistair,s hold down....

            ccwken...Don,t tell alistair to get a "stripper" to hold his stock down to keep it from jumping!!! Alistair, a heavy elastic should work just as good!!


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              Some die filers are also called filing and sawing machines and have the capabilty to use band saw blades that are cut up ..or fed out of a magazine under the table.

              like so :-

              all the best..mark


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                Thanks mark could you show me your set up if you have done it by now regardsAlistair
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                  The Milwaukee die filer is actually an adaptation of a sawing machine. At least the patent # that was cast into mine (my old one, I sold it) is for a saw and not for a filer.

                  You would of course have to use the "spring overarm".

                  I think my Oliver SP2 also would be a decent saw.

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                    Originally posted by Alistair Hosie
                    Thanks mark could you show me your set up if you have done it by now regardsAlistair
                    not done it yet ...
                    too busy on other things ..
                    but its simple enough ..

                    just look at the scroll saw you have and make larger versions of the clamps that hold the blade on ..
                    then your machine is of more use as a sawing machine than a filer ...leave it that way ..for good.

                    you Can make all sorts of adaptors for it to hold hacksaw blades and the like.

                    may be its possible to make it into a rough slotter ..

                    the magazine idea to use a whole package of raw bandsaw blade ...the type you get for bandsaws ....but its over 50 foot long....when it wears out pull another bit out of the magazine ...and snap off the worn one .

                    get my bridgeport slotting head tommorrow..looking forward.

                    all the best.mark


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                      Hmmm, there's an idea. I wonder how well my slotting head will work as a filer? Should work just fine I would think...
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                        There's a guy who posts over on the Art Metal site, who calls himself "Scrollerbear" and does some really impressive (well, to me anyway) metal scrollsawing. Here is a link to a discussion that includes some info on his methods.



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                          Nice looking machine, Alistair. I wonder if it or something like it would solve the problem in this question of creating a slit where a saw won't fit:


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                            I got a great buy on that machine it's in fantastic condition even before I did it up (one of my hobbies), anyway the guy George who sold me my lathe let me have it for £200 . On top of this he delivered to my house for free all the way from the welsh borders ,as he was visiting his son in Scotland. A really nice guy take care and thanks for opinion of machine.Alistair
                            Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                              Hi Alistair, I've just done more or less the opposite of what you are proposing. I bought and rebuilt a Meddings jigsaw which is designed to take
                              6" pinned blades (coping saw blades) but will also take junior hacksaw blades and is currently being used to cut out thin steel plate for use in restoring the ward box of an old lock. I've figured out a way of mounting a file and now have a die filer as well!! The hold down on the saw is much like you would see on a sewing machine.