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Repairing Dremel Chuck

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  • Repairing Dremel Chuck

    Does anyone know how to open this thing for repair?

    This is the older style chuck and Dremel doesn't make them anymore, so I would like to save it if I can. One of the spring inside broke. Thanks.


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    I am just guessing, but I would think the outer sleeve is gripped and the bottom pressed off in the same fashion as a jacobs chuck.

    BTW the small Albrecht chucks are rated to 50,000 rpm and could be threaded to be used on the dremel. Despite that you are still better off with a Foredom flexshaft. I never use my dremel 280 since I got the Foredom 1/4 hp flexshaft. Much smoother, more power, more usefull on the lathe and mill.


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      Rotate,in the right hand photo,the upper unknurled section,unscrews from the rest of the chuck.At least it did on mine.


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        Rotate What's the difference between that one and the current Dremel keyless chuck?
        Not being a smart ass, actually wondering.
        It looks like the one I have. I bought mine for ten bucks at Sears back in 1999. Home Depot, Lowes, and Wal Mart sell them for about the same price. Micro Mark also offers them.
        I always hated those darned collets. What a PITA. Anyway, I hate to recommend throwing money at a situation, but unless emotionally attatched to that chuck because of superior quality or performance, I'd get a new one.
        Have no idea how to break it down. If mine ever craps out on me, I have a brand new, still in the package, replacement in my Dremel case.
        Thrud I've heard those Foredom units are sweet. Too pricey for me at the present. I have a Sears Craftsman electric die grinder, a Dico flex shaft, and a router speed controller for anything bigger than the capacity of my Dremel. Only downside is that the Dico flexshaft is only rated to about 10,000rpm. So I use it mainly when I need more torque than my Dremel and higher RPMs and better speed control than my 3/8" drill.
        I want one of those BIG flex shafts that attatch to the shaft of, say, a NEMA 48 or 56 frame AC motor. I have a GE 1/2hp 1725rpm motor and a 3/4hp 3450rpm motor(forget the brand)
        That said, the Foredom is most definitely on my wish list, as is the Makita electric die grinder with the solid aluminum housing. BTW, if you don't want that Dremel anymore, I'll gladly give it a good home. Just ship it to me.


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          Buy a new one for $8.00.


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            Dave's got me beat by two dollars. I think I'd follow his advice.


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              I have the 1/4HP HD Foredom flexshaft with the metal footpedal. First class. Had a bitch aof a time convincing the rock shop of bringing me in metric collets for the 25H handpiece (Ball Bearing HD - over built). It is a beauty to use - at 20K rpm it does nto even vibrate. The dremel is downright scary. Don't even know where the dremel is right now.

              The Foredom has more power than the Makita you are taking about and is easier to use. I have adapters to use my handpiece in the lathe and mill. It can easily swing the 2 1/2" jewellers grinding wheels at 20Krpm. If you do this, take the time to make a good guard for it.