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    Why is it that i keep hearing in my head that if you want a second life out of files ,then let them rust . but you get only one chance to do it. Naa . I must have remembered this wrong.


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      I've been rejuvenating dulled files for years. Started this post back in 2010.



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          I improve the edges on worn-out files using the same solution of phosphoric acid I use for de-rusting parts:10% of 85% phosphoric acid (says so on the label) in tap water.
          Use a file card, then clean the files with a brush and dish detergent, rinse them well, let them sit overnight in the acid solution.
          There will be a lot of black scum; do the dish detergent thing again.


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            rodelu check your messages. I may be able to help with your WT bandsaw.


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              Some fish hooks are marketed as "chemically sharpened". It never made much sense to me. I've got butt load of ancient files from my grand dads, the idea of getting them sharp again is pretty interesting. Some are pretty exotic shaped riffle files.
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                [QUOTE=CPeter;n1999013]I acquired an older Milwaukee die filer (aren't they all older?) It came with a selection of files. They are dirty and have some rust. Can I soak them in something to clean and sharpen them, like say muriatic acid? BTW, the thing weighs 135 pounds!!


                Nice machine. What caught my eye was the photo, I didnt read all the comments. I have an old milwaukee T3 filer. Has the same cast in name but in a different casting location. Your looks more substantial. Mine is bare bones.

                I would not acid dip any of those files. Not if you like them. I have some straight files, new in box. I dont use them because my files dont wear out. If for one you use them correctly with the machine and two you dont go off and give them an acid bath. You pull out metals in a varying rate determined by the interaction with acid. Soft spots..

                Its arbitrary at best. I habe soda blasted surface rusted files to look as nice and cut as well as they were intended. Soda, not glass or sand, JR