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How to hold flat washers to increase hole size

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    Take an appropriate sized hex nut and bore a recess the depth of the washers thickness and .003/.005 bigger than the diameter. Cut completely through one side with a hacksaw and 1/3 through the opposite side.

    When the nut is back in the lathe Chuck it will pinch down on the washer OD so you can drill or bore it. If you’re careful when releasing the Chuck, the nut will remain in place because you allowed that little extra on the diameter and the washer will come right out.
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      Make a simple jig to hold two vice grips. Space them apart appropriately and clamp then in place with thumbscrews or whatever. The bottom jaws on the vice grips should allow this. Then you can set them for any diameter of washer, and can also use the jig for other small parts that you want to drill holes in. It's a drill press jig.
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        Take a black iron pipe nipple that is closest in size to your washer OD. Chuck in lathe and bore to size for your washer. Leave step when you are boring as an end stop. Then stack the washers and tighten on a pipe cap. Chuck on lathe and go wild.