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    Should I be doing this to be good?

    Click image for larger version

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    Wow. I was taught to take of my tools, many of which have lasted my entire career. Some of my tools have lasted two careers, I was given some as an apprentice by guys who were retiring.


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      I can count on one hand with fingers left over the amount of times I've nicked a vise jaw. Try as hard as you want, with some of the really oddball goofy setups I do in the CNC it's bound to happen. I can understand how it can happen on a CNC. I'll never understand how it happens as bad as some I've seen with hand wheels. Same with the arc of shame on a drill press.

      I can remember once where we had a glitch in the MPG pendant on our vf5 and it plunged a 2" face mill directly into the jaw with a mind of it's own. That one was scary. The other ones were slight miscalculations when I just nicked an edge by .010-20". One I made my program for certain parallels then changed my mind during setup, and not the program. Took a good chunk out of the top. I welded them back up, and re ground them. The scars are barely visible. Another time I had this giant block hanging on by a whisker, and missed a section of roughing that came down and nicked the corner. One quick pass took the corner off the jaw, and the edge off an insert. That one pissed me off. I honestly think thats it? I can't remember any other times.

      All the vise jaws in our CNC dept look like soft jaws though, but it wasn't my doing I swear lol. One of the guys we had in here a few years ago was pretty bad. He even carved up the table on our VF3, and then laughed about it. Samething every time he roasted a cutter (which was frequently), he found it amusing. He lasted longer than he should have. The vise jaws on my mill at home are mangled too, but I got it that way. Getting nice new ones is way down my priority list atm. THB It's kind of embarrassing when I post pictures of my setups.


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        on one hand with fingers left over
        So how many fingers do you still have left over on that hand? You mean the other hand no longer has any left over? I rarely use the table saw these days 'cause I want to keep the rest of mine.

        "A machinist's (WHAP!) best friend (WHAP! WHAP!) is his hammer. (WHAP!)" - Fred Tanner, foreman, Lunenburg Foundry and Engineering machine shop, circa 1979


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          Honest wear or even deliberate modifications to get a job done is one thing. Abuse is quite another.....

          I know us home hobby types tend to take more care. But I can't help thinking that anyone that calls themselves a machinist and does stuff like that on any sort of regular basis is likely also not paying enough attention to the actual paying job being done. I'll bet there's a lot of scrap box donations and re-do's to go along with that vise abuse.....
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            Obviously you are not the person in charge of that shop. It is that person, supervisor or manager, who needs to know about this.

            But I can understand if there are other factors involved so do what is best for yourself. And when you need a good vise and none are available, then ask for a new one or the parts needed to repair that one.

            Good luck. And that is a serious wish.
            Paul A.
            SE Texas

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            You will find that it has discrete steps.


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              Sigh, I nicked the jaws on both the CNC and Bridgeport. Luckily my surface grinder can fix both cases.


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                I drilled a divot into the RAIL of one vise, by just plain forgetting what I was doing, and how much of it I had already done. I have it, and use it still, as a reminder not to do that again.
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                  Take a walk through any job shop, or other busy shop and I'll bet you'll find the same. One guy using one machine in a home shop environment is one thing, You can take your time, and be thorough. But many "operators" in a busy job shop with a wide variety of part types and setups, and there's no doubt you'll find some carnage that would make most true prussian blue machinists cringe. Not making excuses for it, just stating that when time becomes the most important part of a job, mistakes happen. Remove the time constraint and mistakes should be minimal.

                  I had to laugh when I bought my drill press. As I was checking it out I kinda sighed that the table was a bit drilled up with an arc of shame, and it's rare to see an older one like this without any scars. That's when he said he was the original owner and only used it sparingly 🤔


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                    I was subconsciously impressed by the pristine table when I bought my Leland Gifford DP. Finally hit me-dove tail column and production table…….An arc of shame was literally impossible.


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                      I agree that mistakes happen. But it's when the same persons make mistake after another that it suggest to me that they are also ruining the work and wasting the time already into a part. The damage to the tooling is just a more visible symptom that can't be hidden away.

                      I know I have some reminders of "lessons" in my own shop too. But each divot is a lesson that took hold rather than just being ignored.

                      Time in a commercial shop? I see it as the old story of "there's never time to do the job right the first time. But somehow there's always time to do it over when it goes wrong"......
                      Chilliwack BC, Canada


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                        Looks pretty careless to me and whoever used it went right through the soft jaws and into the vice itself.



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                          Good god. That's the worst vise mangling I've ever seen.


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                            Originally posted by eKretz View Post
                            Good god. That's the worst vise mangling I've ever seen.
                            How about this one.


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                              Yep, that's a new top of the heap. Man. Sheer brutality.