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OT: motor rewinding supplier in USA, sell to hobbyist?

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    You can get nomex 410 paper, teflon sheet, regular fish paper and magnet wire of any size on ebay in small quantities for cheap. I went that route for the last rewind I did on a dewalt DW735 planer motor that burned itself out after a couple of hours of use. I would probably buy a new spool of magnet wire from McMaster or some reputable vendor just so you know you're not getting some nicked up stuff that got respooled.

    there will be folks on ebay who had to buy a full quantity of the materials you seek and are selling off their surplus for dirt cheap.

    I have also used EIS for motor supplies a couple of years ago when we were piloting a design of a BLDC motor for robots, all made in house except for lasering the lams. They were good but we had a hard time buying a small quantity of the scotchkote green insulator ceramic epoxy stuff.

    If you're going to go through the trouble of rewinding, you might as well get the best materials rather than stupid fish paper, too.


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      One thing I would suggest is making a couple of coil winding forms. The shop I worked at had a very well equipped coil winder with over 50 pairs of adjustable forms. You will only need two and they can be simple and made out of wood. The reason for this is that it is less likely to damage the new windings if you cal GENTLY lay them into the slots. The motor you are working on is two speed and unless the speeds are 2:1 or 4:1 you will have different coil sizes for each speed. If they are 2 or 4 to one is is possible to do a speed change with coil connection switching. I have never seen the latter, but it is possible. Winding the coils on a form will make your life 10 times easier 😀.

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