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Impact rated metal drill bits at last. HF Hercules

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  • Impact rated metal drill bits at last. HF Hercules

    When drilling metal with a cordless drill ,I prefer to use a 1/4 hex shank impact driver .This keeps me from breaking my wrist or the bit when it inevitably grabs.All of these bits are junk . Even The Milwaukee brand. The hex shank and the bit are crimped together and they come apart.. HOWEVER Harbor Freight sells a true impact rated bit . You must get their Hercules brand. Their other brands are still junk. Edwin Dirnbeck

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    I only use impact bits for smaller sizes, those that I have used have all been solid except for some combination drill/countersinks for wood screws. Those were crimped junk with two-piece shanks as you describe. Every single one came loose eventually while pre-drilling 2x4s for screws. I fixed them by gooping them back together with bearing mount LocTite.


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      Whatever floats your boat.

      I drill holes with twist drills using a drill motor.
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        I've never seen a decent sized drill with a 1/4" hex shank crimped on to it. I've got a couple of ~1/8" ones that arrived from somewhere, but they aren't going to grab any way that you'd notice.

        I have ground a hex shank onto a drill using a six sided 5C collet block with the surface grinder. That works on any size drill up to 1".
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          I don't see the benefit over a regular twist drill?