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One shot central oiler issues. Suggestions for options please?

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    Originally posted by BCRider View Post
    That would sort of be the idea. But depending on the oval shaped measurement the tubing is either 5/32 or 4mm nylon or similar tubing. So I'm not too sure about the compression fittings options.

    Here's a picture of the manifold now with the super leaky push fittings and the short connecting length of the tube that fits between the "NON" pump and manifold.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	P1040646.jpg Views:	137 Size:	213.3 KB ID:	2000224

    I'm going to run out and see if the local shops have anything for compression fittings that are for that small a size of tubing. I know the home stores have compression fittings for 1/4 plastic that are commonly seen on the water lines. Not so sure about stuff for 5/32 though.
    Try Fairview Fittings? I have seen Brass inserts for compression ferrules to prevent plastic from collapse. These sleeves used to be on bucket lift and tilt tubing of Caterpillars Wheel Loaders.
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      you need metering valves.. The green machine (Torrmach 440 prototype) came with no metering valves on the manifolds. (also the manual one shot pump sucked) but you would pump it - all the oil would go to the spot of least resistance. I added metering valves at each oil point.

      Click image for larger version

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        That's what I said,
        but he doesn't want em.



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          I've just been looking again at some options on the two big online shopping sites. I found Bijur valves at (all prices in Canadian since that's where I live) $12 each. And shipping for 6 units came in at $90. So $150 just for the metering valves alone.

          Looking at those I also saw Bijur check valves were available at $60C for a set of 5.... but I need 6.... with shipping on that set at $50.60C for the one package. That's creative Fleabay sellers for ya!

          And from looking at the metering bodies it looks like I'd still need to buy the fittings to secure the lines to the output ends since they are only the bodies.

          So all in all even if I could get the stuff for a reasonable shipping cost in these odd times I'm still looking at a final cost of least $200C for the metering valves, check valves and ends for the tubing. And with the shipping gone crazy likely even more.

          There were a couple of used units for around $60C each but again shipping was up around $40 to $60 to ship to Canada. So still up around $100. And they were crusty looking enough to be fairly confident of having issues with them. Clearly from some old broken down for parts equipment.

          So all in all while I do appreciate that this would be the nicer way to go it's not nicer enough to justify the cost when there's other things .... like a DRO for the same mill.... screaming for my attention as well. This is a HOBBY for me after all. I don't make a penny from it. And for me it's only one of about 4 hobbies I do pretty much concurrently. And each of them needs things to be bought as well.
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            I bought a bunch of one way check valves from aliexpress for my oiling system (similar to yours) to stop the drain back issues, then the old lines started cracking. I need to just strip it down and replace all the lines, sticking check valves on each major line. That should solve most of the problems, then I could always add restrictors on the lines that flow too much oil (x axis usually).