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Show me your DIY base for your 4x6 bandsaw

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  • Show me your DIY base for your 4x6 bandsaw

    I'm finally going to do something about the crappy sheet metal base on my MSC 4x6, it's just so flimsy if I have to move the saw. I remember somebody posted an improved DIY base a while back, and I'm sure others have done it too. I want to steal your ideas!
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    This is how I beefed up mine. And I use the inside to keep extra saw blades
    and other saw accessories.Click image for larger version  Name:	C4816C99-7A8D-445A-B856-1F83AD3216FB.png Views:	0 Size:	1.71 MB ID:	2000357
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      Just a base, but it stiffened it up pretty well.


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        Originally posted by jimsehr View Post
        This is how I beefed up mine. And I use the inside to keep extra saw blades
        and other saw accessories.
        Cool, I like that it keeps the swarf and crap completely out from under the tool.

        Originally posted by junkaddict View Post
        Just a base, but it stiffened it up pretty well.
        Is it bolted down to it? I have mine on a HF tool base, but when I try and shove it around the sheet metal sides start folding. I think at the very least a 4 swiveling wheel 'dolly' base like yours is a better idea.

        I wish I could think of a clever way to do it with welding 3/4 gas pipe, I just cut out like 30' of 100 year old gaslight lines!
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          I mounted mine on a small rolling bottom toolbox. It's nice and stable, and the drawers and bottom cubby are handy for storing tools, extra blades and smaller scraps.


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            I TIG welded my frame to make it more solid and dealt with the bad headaches of the smoke it gave off. Eventually gave away the saw, I now use a portaband on a Swag base to make it a vertical with foot operated switch. Still kicking myself for not aggressively going for that DoAll bandsaw from the auction that I got the 10EE and surface grinder from.


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              Not a 4x6, but this is what I did for my 7x12. Puts it up the right height so I don’t have to bend over, plus rolls around real nice. Click image for larger version

Name:	BF363FBA-E2ED-427D-8FE1-BCAFE4D90984.jpg
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                Just 4 pieces of pipe for legs, with bracing for rack resistance. Brought up to reasonable working height, and leaving plenty of clear access below for stacked milk crates of stock odds-and-ends.


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                  Yes the stands are indeed flimsy, they will almost fold in a slight breeze.

                  I had some pieces of 2.25"x2.5"x 1/16" angle stock on hand and simply cut it to fit on the insides of the legs.
                  Used some small bolts and washers to tie it all up and oh what a difference! The 1/16th inch stock at first thought seemed too light, but when combined with what was already there it made for a very rigid and sturdy stand that while at first glance appears as it came from the store, is indeed a very stout stand.

                  While there I also put in a heavier bracket for the axle and increased the wheel size slightly from the mickey mouse wheels originally installed. Not off road capable but adequate for a concrete surface.

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                    A couple pieces of scrap 2X4 and about 15 minutes effort improved my bandsaw frame considerably.

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                      I added coolant capability, which I rarely use:

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                      For just a little more, you can do it yourself!


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                        Rudy K cut a piece of plywood that just fit inside the base at the bottom. IIRC he said it stiffened the base immeasurably.

                        Here is what a buddy and I did back in the for our 7x12 saws:


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                          Originally posted by ed_h View Post
                          I added coolant capability, which I raremy use:

                          Wow, is THAT sweet! metalmagpie too! Not sure I'm ready to put in that much effort, but it's tempting. It's amazing that they put such crap stands on otherwise decent tools.
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                            I have 2 of these saws. One is the current offering from HF, I don't find the stock stand to be particularly objectionable. It doesn't look much different from earlier models but seems to be adequate for it's purpose. The other saw is an 80s vintage. Here's the stand I built for it.

                            Click image for larger version

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                              I added a bunch of 2x4 bracing to mine, mostly to raise it up but it also stiffened up the base nicely
                              Click image for larger version

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                              I've since changed the wheels out but don't have a recent picture of that.