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  • Free drawing paper

    Billyboy posted a little ways back asking where he could get grid drawing paper in imperial measure. I liked the look of the paper he posted a pic of so I made up a pattern of the same type that can be printed to make your own.

    It will print just fine from the default Microsoft Picture and Fax Viewer or you can use a paint program. It won't print correctly from Internet Exploder. It will fit on either 8.5" x 11" or A4 paper and give an 8" x 10" drawing area.

    I made two versions, black and no-copy blue.

    Download them at the links. Although they are high resolution files the file sizes are very small, about 47kb each.
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    Sweet sassy molassy, thanks! This looks really good for doing shop stuff. I'm currently used to using Engineering pad, the kind with a grid on one side and blank on the other, so when held up to something you see the grid, but this looks nice.
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      ohhh!, thats fantastic evan, thank you, your the man!!



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        Hey Evan, hope you don't object, but I'll likely 'edit' those a little to use to create my estimating sheet that I use for my 'mini-excavating' business. I have a sheet that I made up, but right now there's just a blank box in the middle where I sketch the work required by the customer. Will be nice to have a reference to scale things and keep things a bit more square.



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          Anything I post here is free to use however you wish, personal or business. If you wish to sell it then talk to me first.
          Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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            Evan, cool & thanks!


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              Nice job on that graph paper. I have been looking for something like that for a long while. THAT will take a bunch of work out of my thinking. I find that I sketch things on white paper with a ruler. just made me lazy! I think I will take a sheet of that to work and burn off a couple hundered sheets on the copier.