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    Originally posted by BCRider View Post
    Fishing stories aside (how is Brian going to handle a boat with the current medical issue anyway?) I think the idea of finding a new "table top while seated" activity is probably a good one.

    Brian, I feel your frustration at not having any sort of hand and tool activity to fill the day. I go off camping with friends where it's all just sitting, walking and talking. And those are great times too. But a few days of that and I need something to do with my hands. Four or five days and I'm actually looking forward to getting back home and back to the shop activities.

    Last time out I bought a hook knife and re-shaped a cheap camp hatchet into a carving axe and made a couple of wooden kitchen tools from the firewood pile. Just having a piece of wood and a hunk of firewood pile "stump" at my chair as a "work bench" was enough to take away the "crafting withdrawal shakes" while still fully sharing in the chatting and joking around.

    Not saying that it's "spoon and spatula carving" which will be your solution too. Just a nudge to consider a new craft/building hobby that you can do while being primarily seated.
    Good suggestion. This is what happened to my son when he was going stir crazy his senior year of college when classes were mostly remote. He was never a compulsively creative guy but he started carving while 'in class'. Turned into a lucrative side gig, he can sell a pipe of wood for $40 and moose antler for $70! Now as an itinerant climber he can carve in any spare time and sell over the net. Below are a couple of my favorites. Yes, that's a Jerry Garcia spoon, patron saint of hippies.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	snowman pipe.png Views:	0 Size:	325.1 KB ID:	2001019 Click image for larger version  Name:	garcia spoon.png Views:	0 Size:	396.0 KB ID:	2001020
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      Build one of these😊


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        Originally posted by brian Rupnow View Post
        Went to see the surgeon today, and had a bunch of x-rays. Surgeon showed me that basically I have no cartilage left between my lower leg bone and thigh bone. Surgery is backed up for 11 months until I can get slotted in. I told him my biggest fear was my allergy to all the good anti-biotics. So---Next week I start a series of shots to find an anti biotic that I'm not allergic to.
        During the period before surgery, has the doctor suggested gel injection to ease the pain of knee movement?


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          Hadn't heard about that one Reggie. I will ask my doctor about it.---Brian
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