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Is EVERYBODY vandalizing public restrooms?

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    Originally posted by J Tiers View Post
    So much for Maxie, but I want a vid of that hammer in use with a chisel, cutting off a bolt head........



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      Public restrooms are usually shot by the time I get there so I'm not able to practice my skills.
      JK, I developed a huge disdain for public facilities when during the '70's I was a manager For Showcase Cinemas.
      The majority of damage done was in the ladies rest rooms to include sinks torn off walls, toilets uprooted and dividers bent completely to the floor.
      Then, depending on what was showing, the auditoriums had dirty diapers, used condoms and several articles of underwear.
      Now, I've never been able to find out precisely who this "public" is because everyone I talk to would "NEVER do anything like that!".



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        New, younger high school girls practiced lots of lipstick and a perfectly placed imprint on a clean mirror. Janitoress, tired of keeping clean mirrors, would wait until noon hour to make certain at least one gal noticed just where the towel was washed/rinsed prior to use in cleaning the mirror. Problem solved.


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          I still get a laugh when I remember a bit of prose I saw long ago written in a restroom stall:

          "Pity the poor bastard whose poetic wit only inspired by the smell of $hit."

          Now is there some irony there, or what...?
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            Originally posted by Doozer View Post


            Yep.... Sadist for sure.
            CNC machines only go through the motions


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              Recently I ran across a situation where the manufacturer had used what looked like regular Torx head fasteners. But, the fasteners were five point instead of the usual six point. Amazon had a bit set for them at less than 10 bucks.