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    Hi I'm selling my grandfathers lathe. The lathe was made for my grandfather in 1992 by Mr. Lawler himself. The number is #17. It has been kept in his shop and only used by him. It is very heavy. Located in Gulfport, Mississippi. Pics attached
    Thanks for your interest!
    Duffy Bisconti

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    I don't see any pictures. Those are fabulous Ornamental Turning lathes. I happen to know Mr. Lawler, as he has the Lawler Gear Co. somewhat local to my area. What does he want for it? Please come back, Duffylynn. We would like to see pictures.
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      I'd recommend posting this on the ornamental turning facebook site. What is the price?


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        Every time I see the topic in the list of topics I misread it as "Lawyer Lathe"... I wonder "just how crooked is it?"


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          Yeah...I think there are other(better, maybe) places to try and sell that machine. Ask here for example: Good luck with the sale!


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            We would love to see those pictures but there is no link. If you used the board's photo hosting you need to insert them in the post after uploading.
            Paul A.
            SE Texas

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            You will find that it has discrete steps.


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              You should be able to find pictures of the Lawyer lathe online. I know two individuals who purchased the machines. The price was around $40K back in the day as I recall. That price was for a basic machine which I don't believe had much in the way of add-ons to do ornamental turning. It struck me at the time as no where near as ornate as old OT lathes. The one I saw looked very much like a conventional lathe manufactured in the late 1800's with lots of brass, but with a cast iron bed and cast legs dominated the design.