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Copper tube 4" type L wall 0.1100

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  • Copper tube 4" type L wall 0.1100

    Hi guys, does anyone has a foot or two of the tube above to sell? I am trying to get a piece with no success. I found they are still making it, but could not find who sells it. Even if I find someone, they come in 10' length. That would be a lot of lettuce for something that would then (most of it) would sit in a corner. Any leads welcomed. Many thanks. Vic Smagovic

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    It may be time to consider buying or building a small rolling mill. It would be short work to roll up such a tube from sheet.
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      4 in. Type L copper tubing...

      First thought, tried a local plumbing contractors shop? Sometimes plumbers keep off cuts & leftovers. I do.
      Also, does it have to be L, what about M or DWV?...more choices, but thinner wall thickness. Do you need the seamless-ness, maybe Evans idea would work if you wanted a seam or to braze it up.
      I could send you a peice, but I'm on the other side of N. America...customs & postage would be as much as the tubing.
      My two bits (Cdn.) worth...


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        I picked up some 2" at the scrap yard a while back for something like $0.50 a pound. It was about 1/8" thick--It may have been the .110 wall. While it won't do YOU any good, it might be a place to look. I slit a piece down the middle and made a flat out of it. I still have about 12" of 2" if anyone needs thick copper.


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          Dics42000, the reason why I asked for L was because I was going to make a boiler that was described by Mr. Johnson in one of the Village Press magazines, and he used L type. I am not familiar with what M, L or K, DWV means. I just tried blindly follow the "leader". As far as the plumbers are concerned, I agree with you. When I lived in NJ that is what I would do and ussually by the end of the day I had what I needed. There were so many industrial places that it was very easy to get anything. I live now in Maine in a little place, there is nothing here. People are not also very friendly since I have a strong accent. That is the New England attitude, also people are not much excited about hobbies, they just live differently. I understand that K type is stronger than L type. I know nothing about the two types you mention. The thickness should be again, following the leader, 0.11, or thicker, which is close to 1/8". You mention you live somewhere far, do you want to let me know if the type you have is mecahically comparable to the type L, or better and how much you would ask for it? Do not forget, if I find it in a store, which right up to now I was not able to do, I would have to buy 10'. That is a lot of money, and then I would have 9 feet sitting in the corner. So, this is the story. Thanks for your response, and please let me know. Take care. Vic
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            smagovic: If it is any help I have a section of stern tube used on large fishing vessels that I salvaged. It is about .125 x 3.75 outside. I have been chunking it off over the years as bushing material. There is enough left if it is the right sized. I will give you exact dimensions if this is close enough. One problem though is that I am quite a distance from you. My guess is about $25. shipping?????


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              You are dealing with Mainiacs over there! don't lump the rest of New England in with them. There are plenty of friendly people around, you'll find them. I'll try to check with our local plumbing supply next week and see if they have scraps.

              Doug (Vermont)


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                A guy by the name of Ted McJannet (sp??) out of Woodstock Ontario has a business serving model engineers. He has (or had) 4" copper pipe for boilers and will sell you a section cut to length, iirc the stuff was near a G-note for a length, don't be shocked at the price. I don't have Ted's coordinates handy, but google TSME (toronto society model engineer), pretty sure he's listed there as a supplier. Ted's a good guy, have met him and bought from him (the ryder ericsson engine of which pics occasionally make there way here, and a perkins hit and miss set of castings) and would recommend him. if Ted didn't have it, i've found it before at plumbing supply places, not home despot, but the ones supplying industry.

                as far as i know the letters only refer to the wall thickness, ie no difference in metallurgy, but you could check that out pretty easily if you needed to. The thickness and staying of the various parts of a boiler determine its strength....since a boiler can be equivalent to a stick of dynamite, worth reading up on
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                in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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                  4" tube

                  McGyver, thank you. I found him with no problems and sent him e-mail. Hopefully he will have it. You mentioned price, I am aware that it is getting up there with the gold! Thanks again. Vic Smagovic
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