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Batteries for powered tools

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    mosfets can be turned on by any voltage from an 18 volt LI battery that is safe for the battery. Don't worry about that. There are "logic level" mosfets "on" at 3V, even..
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      Originally posted by Dunc View Post
      I notice that most of the kits - regardless of mfr - include small batteries, for eg, 1.5 amp hour. (Dealing with the li-ion 18-20 volt)
      While this will "run" the tool, can it do it to the max? I am not thinking of how long the tool will run; instead,is the battery capable of driving the tool to its rated performance?
      Yes... Amp Hours is time based. I have a slew of makita batteries and they say I can use a 4 or 5ah for my lawn mower. It just wont cut as long. Just as I can use a 5ah instead of the 1.5ah for my small vacuum cleaner. JR