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    Just got back from a vacation down there. I like it.
    Being somewhat occupationally damaged, I couldn't help noticing how they do things a little differently.
    Welding, for instance...watched a guy stick welding a steel frame for something. Shorts, t-shirt, sandals. No welding goggles. I don't know how they do it. Maybe it's aim-squint-bead, aim-squint-bead method. But I went and looked later, and the welds were straight, flat and even. Looked way-okay.

    Watched some guys paint a building. They showed up with about ten guys in a pickup with a mile or so of Bamboo and some string. They erected scaffolding all over the building with the Bamboo (using the string to hold it together) ran around on the Bamboo poles with a bucket o' paint, and were done in juuust under two minutes.

    Noticed a loading operation outside of a weld fabrication shop (welder was wearing sunglasses, note) where they were loading this huge iron gate, like 25 x 10 feet, into the back of a Nissan King Cab. (I don't know...Maybe one guy drives, and the other ten run behind to hold it up.) This in their wonderfully chaotic traffic, where water buffalo share lanes with four people and a goat on a moped. (Goat drives)

    I just love it! The way they do things is just so casual and so effective.
    If it were me, the welder would have all kinds of scientific safety gear, the painters would be waiting for the construction guys to erect the scaffold, and the gate would be waiting for a flatbed truck to deliver it. Meanwhile, the're done already.

    Cool. I like Asia.

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    Now you've done it you've got me started on Asia. I made a lot of trips to Japan over the years and a few to Korea and there is a lot to be said about their culture. When I was in Japan they were still working on trying to have 100% employment which I think is very valuable for a country. Sure you can find some things to complain about but for the most part hard working and industrious is in the mix. My first trip to Korea was in 74 and there was nothing they could not do. Including take the head off a jeep and figure out how to get it on a taxi engine and get it to run. However industrial accidents were usually really ugly and the worker was out on his butt if anything happened to him. At least that was how it was in Taejon. But then my brother once worked for a guy building pole barns. Brother is crawling along the top of the barn when the owner of the company runs by and tells him "if you fall half way down your fired I don't have insurance". So it isn't just Asia.
    The guy that was welding without goggles was welding by braile, saw that on Monster Garage the other day.



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      Asia has some cool things but there is a alot of bogus nonsense too. In Japan you can't buy a fuel filter (you don't have mechanic's license). One day we came back form the range and were cleaning all manner of small armswhen one of the japanese drivers came into watch. He was amazed that we cleaned our own weapons, he had a shotgun that he took to a gun dealer that charged him $100 to clean it every time. We had him bring in the gun and taught him how to clean it and and supplied him with a spare rod and oil from the armory.
      everybody here needs some kind of license, I was asked one time what school I learned to
      run a chainsaw it.
      On the other hand if you don't have woodworking tools you can draw up your plans and go to the DOIT store and they will sell you the wood and cut it to your specs.
      Non, je ne regrette rien.


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        The last time I welded in my scandals, I got a couple of burns.



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          I knew a guy once who welded in that attire he said it was like frying bacon it the nude
          I just need one more tool,just one!