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Pallet of shim stock, good price?

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  • Pallet of shim stock, good price?

    I can buy this eur-pallet of shimstock for 80 euros, is that a decent price or a screaming deal?

    Thicknesses are down to 0.05mm (2 thou in inch) and to 0,5mm most seem to be unalloyed steel shims, there's a few stainless ones and a bunch of brass shims to boot.

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    That would be a screaming deal!


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      Do it!


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        What the heII you going to do with it.



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          Guess I'm gonna have to sell smaller quantities to people who want them.


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            What a huge time waster. But everyone has a gig.



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              Originally posted by Doozer View Post
              What a huge time waster. But everyone has a gig.

              30 years ago I would have bought it. Had I, today I'd be figuring out wtf to do with it all to gain some space. And wasting more time doing so. Buying it now? I'm with Doozer...just another time vortex with limited upside. Whats the saying? "Be gracious with people and ruthless with time"
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                yes agree. I bought a pack of shim stock 20 years ago. I still have most of it. You just do not need that much shim stock, unless you KNOW you need it. Yes, I am nearly out of a couple sizes, but most of it is still in the pack.
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                  Originally posted by DennisCA View Post
                  Guess I'm gonna have to sell smaller quantities to people who want them.
                  I think you would quickly make up what you paid. I'd be happy to buy an assortment! ("jihe" on elektronikforumet).


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                    I recently came home with probably 300 or 400 horizontal
                    milling cutters. All from 4" to 8"+ diameter. All basically sharp.
                    I have no idea what to do with them. I have 3 horizontal mills
                    and really probably will only ever need 30 or 40 cutters to last
                    me a lifetime. Now I have to store them. I guess I will give them
                    away slowly as shop visiting gifts, but they would be a huge pain
                    to sell on ebay. I have a real job and can't be bothered by going
                    to the post office every other day. I could make a wall rack to
                    display them, but it would be 1000 pounds hanging on the wall.
                    Would look awesome though. But I probably should not have
                    brought them home. If any of you come to visit, I have some
                    parting gifts for you.



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                      I mostly wanted a few of the thinner brass shims, they could come in handy, but seller wants to sell it all in one piece. I think the pallet on the photo is a smaller one now though, not a full euro pallet. Half-pallet probably. I am probably not going out that way until the 18th of june or so it will wait until then, not making an extra trip for it.

                      I'll probably sell it outside ebay though.


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                        I never sweat it buying large volumes when the price is close to free,I gave away 100’s of lbs. of high tensile Socket Cap Screws to friends and neighbours.But make sure you keep more than you think you’ll use,been down that road before.


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                          80 Euros is $108 Canadian dollars just now. Given what I've paid for a shim stock in the past I'd rate that as a screaming good deal.

                          A lot of the boxes look like bigger rolls. Do I need THAT MUCH? HELL NO! But even the small 50" rolls of brass shim are not cheap at this point.

                          I'd buy that pallet in a heart beat. After that if the boxes are filled with enough I'd make up and give away a few assortment packs to friends and a few members here that have sent things to me and refused payment or even postage reimbursement as a thankyou. And perhaps for a minor cost plus postage offer up assortment packs to the members. I suspect in very little time I'd be down to what I'd want to keep for myself and probably would have gotten back half of my initially super low cost.

                          And that would make it not just a Super Deal but a Super Dooper Super Deal ! ! ! ! !
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                            Use what you need, sell what you can, and use the left overs to roof your house. A brass roof would look nice, for a while😀
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                              Price-wise it might be a good deal. Usage-wise maybe not.

                              I'd pass on it. How would part of it be sold? By unrolling a few feet at a time? Who wants shim stock that isn't in the labeled box?

                              The assorted shim pack I bought 30 years ago is still almost intact. Who really needs an assortment of shim stock?

                              Lately I've been selling a lot of stuff since I retired. Online selling of low dollar items is a real pain in the ass. Buyer says they want something, you wait for check, sometimes they don't send it, maybe they change their mind. Meanwhile you have other buyers wanting the item too, but you wait for the first guy. Go to the post office to get a flat rate box, pack and take it back to the post office. You spend a couple hours screwing around for a few bucks.