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Made a divot in my vise!

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  • Made a divot in my vise!

    I was trying to figure out how to make a chamfer around a pocket I milled today on my newly converted CNC mill. I was glad I used an old vise to get familiar with this CNC'ing! Somehow I messed up my tool offset and it plunged down a little too deep! I got it figured out but on the next try I dialed down the feedrate considerably as the tool neared the top of the part. Click image for larger version

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    I've done that! And I had less excuse, because it was a manual mill.
    CNC machines only go through the motions


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      You should be able to buff that out, no worries
      SE MI, USA


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        It is a tool. And meant to be used.

        We all love nice, new, shiny tools, but they are for use.

        Buy or make a new vise jaw if you wish, but, beyond that, don't worry about it.

        Edit: Spelling correction courtesy of Marv.
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        And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
        You will find that it has discrete steps.


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          Clumsy Bastard...


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            At least the original divot now has a new friend!


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              No worries, looks like that jaw is removable and replaceable.



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                Just take the jaw out and flip it over.


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                  Originally posted by Paul Alciatore View Post
                  ...We all love nice, new, shinny tools, but they are for use...
                  They make a tool for awkwardly climbing things?

                  shinny - how you climb a pole or rope; also a frequent misspelling of...
                  shiny - nicely polished
                  shiney - not a word

                  Regards, Marv

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                    It makes you human. It will serve as a reminder in future operations. Don't worry, we all have some kind of hickey, either in our vises or in our hearts. Welcome to the world of programming.


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                      Like teachers in the old days: go sit in the corner and think of what you’ve just done lol!🤓


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                        Good thing it is a crappy vise and not a good one. My friend just rammed my 2019 Honda Odyssey into a boat trailer backing up to it, put a big huge dent in the tail gate and took off paint... We are about to turn this Honda in for a different vehicle, probably a Tundra... **** happens!


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                          At least it wasn't a new vice or your hand or worse
                          It happens to the best of us
                          Better luck next time


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                            Looks like clearance to me


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                              You could take the jaw out and cut a deep vertical V groove for holding round stock in the vertical position.