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Noise in my Workhorse mill power feed unit

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    The Align powerfeeds have been pretty good for me and Kenny at Bestline down in LA stocks most all of the replacement parts. Just replaced the speed pot on the AL500S that someone wound past its limit on the bridgeport we recently acquired at the office


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      I like my x-axis Align that I've had for about 8 years, but since the "mainland" is about to invade Taiwan, I think I'll go with an American made Servo on my knee feed.


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        I was attacked by a fit of better judgement this weekend and decided to put off replacing my 24 year old power feed, since it is working well and since all this jamming into reverse gear while the motor is still wound up apparently hasn't hurt it.

        So I will take my time and decide which unit I should get: the Align AL500 or the Servo Dynamo with supposedly improved technology, both made in Taiwan.
        Central Virginia, USA