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Corrugated fasteners (staples/nails?)

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  • Corrugated fasteners (staples/nails?)

    I am going to get a corrugated pneumatic nailer delivered this week. I've been wanting one for a long time and I finally have a good reason to make the purchase. These are not cheap BTW. My concern is that I am not sure what size fastener to use when joining 3/4" 1X4 boards together. The way these fasteners work is a mystery to me because they essentially look like small blades with several curves in them and, to me, they just seem as if they would simply cut through the wood in a wavy pattern. I know I'm missing something because these are used in many industries.
    Any information is appreciated about these nails.

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    I have a Senclamp gun, which is the same basic idea although the shape of the fastener is a little different, but both work on the same principle.

    The corrugations on the fastener are angled just a touch so when it enters the wood the pieces are drawn together.

    For a 3/4" material I would use a 1/2" fastener, you really want the fastener to be set close to the center of the board or it will warp the joint a bit if one face is pulled more than the other, at least in my experience.