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elliot shaper Qs?

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  • elliot shaper Qs?

    Hi guys, ive just recently purchased an elliot shaper 14MR, and im having problems trying to find out what the (MR) stands for can someone tell me what the different initials mean? and also is there somewhere on the net where i can download the manual? Ill try to post some pics.

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    the M is for the automatic down feed which is located on the operators side of the ram.
    dont knnow about the r
    got pictures?
    Ive got a 14 m , a few people here have them, search the archives .


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      heres some pics, not very detailed though, they are from the vender, I dont have my hands on a digi camera right now, hope this works [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG]


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        try again


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                Nice clean big shaper.hope you find what you want and enjoy using it regards Alistair
                Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                  It seems to be in very good condition, just needs a degrease and clean, and touching up where the paints chipped/flaked.I got it powered up on the weekend and cut some chips for the first time on a shaper, although i did get it the wrong way round, as its cutting stroke was fast and return stroke slow ,when you adjust the length of stroke can you tell me the correct procedure? ive done it by slackening off the knurled nut on the manual cycle shaft, hold on the brake, and then adjust said shaft, is this correct as it feels very tight and stiff ??


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                    very nice machine, haven't used one since high school myself, but would love to have one. Nothing cheaper than sq hss bits . I don't see very many come up in Toronto, nor do i see them in many shops anymore. too bad, maybe one day i'll lucky and pick up brute like yours!
                    in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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                      Nice Machine!

                      I'm no help on the machine but I see something that leads me to believe you got a good machine--There's no green paint on the pallet or on the floor around it.


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                        thats a nice and clean machine ,little abuse by the look of it
                        late machine by the guards on the stroke adjsutment on the top of the ram.

                        the elliot 14 is a quite solid and very simple machine,I like it.

                        Im wrong, no auto down feed on the ram.

                        you can chage the rotation by swapping 2 of the 3(phase) wires .

                        re stroke length you slack the knurled nut and give a good heave on the handle is enough to get the thing moving to adjust the the reverse to lock up the nut

                        if it is stiff open up the over and slather everything with way lube ,it might also be stiff because the stoke is at one end or the other of its travel.
                        what length stroke are you getting?

                        fire it up,bump the clutch gently to see if all is well and there is not going to be a big bang

                        make sure all the oil cups have felt wicks for lubrication .
                        just fill them with enough oil for the job on hand other wise it will all go on the floor.

                        the table support is a bit difficult to get set up right ,if it matterscheck with a dial indicator.

                        you might want to make a cover for the table support, as all the junk and swarf tends to collect there and gets ground in.

                        Im using iso 68 way lube on pretty much everything moving , but might try some 220 next time i buy oil. ive got iso 68 hydraulic oil in the gear box.

                        the vice should be at 90 degrees to the stroke other wise all the banging
                        is directed right into the screw.
                        take care of the vice as it is really quite crude and you dont want it to get sloppy from wear( like mine)


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                          This might help you, there is a manual for the 10m.