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  • Adapter info needed

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ID:	2006339 Been cleaning out my shop I came across some what I believe to be adjustable reemers I don't think they are boring cutters but I could be wrong
    what I would like to know is do they make a adaptor that would fit a mill R8 spinal or a lathe tail stock and where could I purchase them
    I would even be willing to try and make one if I could see what they look like The First photo is the cutters inserts that fit the unit they do have a taper on the sides also how would you set the cutters so that they are equal on each side Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Those look similar to a spade drill inserts, possibly adjustable counter bores?
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      To me it looks like they could be several things. Reamers? Perhaps. But I wonder if they are a form of fly cutter intended for facing work.

      Could they be shop made and therefore two of a kind?

      As for making an adopter, that should be straight forward. Form follows function here.

      Purchase a taper adopter of your choice; R8, MT, etc. I would look for a drill chuck adapter with the largest Jacob's taper on the outer end as possible to get as much support as possible. Then cut a piece of round stock that's around 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. On one end bore the socket for the Jacob's taper to fit. On the other end mill a slot the width of your mystery cutters. Drill one or more holes for set screws in the side(s). It appears that there is a depression in the mystery cutter for a set screw to fit into. I would drill the matching hole in the adopter just a bit short of measured dimension so the set screw is pulling the tool into the adopter.

      As for the exact diameter of that piece of round stock It should be equal to or less than the width of the mystery tool. It should leave a generous amount of it's diameter on the two sides of the slot you will mill in it. Those two sides must resist the force of the set screw(s) used to hold the tool. I would think at least a half inch on each of them. More would be better.
      Paul A.
      SE Texas

      And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
      You will find that it has discrete steps.


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        Did some further inspection the larger and the taller one has stamped in the body Kelly reamer clevd.o with the size and type I believe that it is Cleveland Ohio but I am not sure and the others have imprinted the name BULLARD possibly the manufacture
        Thank you Paul for the recommendation on how to make a arber for them


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          Reamers typically have more cutters so they self balance in the cut to avoid oval shaped holes. Would a two point reamer even qualify as a reamer? The risk of it setting up some manner of cyclical vibration and cutting a tri-oval or other harmonic number oval seems high. So I'm sort of thinking that it's an adjustable spade style drill. But some manner of a secondary drill in a spade based large hole system for doing stepped holes after the first full on spade bit has done the minor diameter?
          Chilliwack BC, Canada


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            Suppose those are made by the Bullard Machine Tool Co? Maybe intended for a stationary turret while the workpiece turned... I've never operated a VTL.


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              Is to possible they could be used as counter bore say for large diameter socket head bolts or bottoming out a recess for bearings to sit in ?
              Just a thought after reading BC RIDER post