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5C Precision Spin Index Fixture

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    Originally posted by Tim The Grim View Post
    My threads were just too loose so I slotted the tube and pressed a thin wall bushing around it to squeeze them in.
    Never had a problem since.
    Click image for larger version Name:	B59DEE97-164A-4B75-B138-27BA91A03F00.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.96 MB ID:	2008663
    This is rather clever.
    For what it is, it is a good fix.
    Not a perfect repair, but neither is the quality of those spin indexers.
    Had it been a Suburban or quality brand, then maybe that warrants
    a better fix. Or have it in mind to re-visit the repair some day, but
    you might be surprised how long this split repair lasts.
    I have heard of finding a motorcycle front fork tube for raw material
    to make a new draw tube. At least it would be quality steel.
    But downing a guy for wanting to fix it? Meh, I dunno,
    I have taken one of these spin indexers out of the trash at work in
    the past. It was a Phase II brand, and nothing was too wrong with
    the unit. I remember I made a new nut/flange thingy for the draw
    tube, just because the original was flimsy. I ground the sides of the
    casting so I could clamp it in a mill vise. For what it is, it is OK.
    Maybe fix it, use it, and keep an eye out for something better.