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OT: Refrigerator condenser fan.

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    Most mineral oils don't "dry out" much. A lot of the drying out is really mixing with dust and becoming a stiff paste. It is possible over time for the oil to break down or get "cut" by oxidation. There are tests for that to find out how fast a given oil oxidizes.

    When that happens, it is possible for molecules to be joined-up by an oxygen atom, or even to just join on their own. That then makes it work pretty much like the way vegetable oils have their double-bonds broken and end up joining up with others and forming a plastic-like or paint-like material.

    It's not nearly as fast as many vegetable oils. But it will happen. Washing it out with a solvent usually gets rid of the stuff, since it takes a LONG time to form the paint-like material. Usually the fan "gums up" and stops before the "dried" oil does more than get to be a goo.

    Another thing that happens is that dust, etc wicks away the oil. That's pretty common. Then the fan may start to "squeal" as the dry shaft turns in the bushing, or starts to "run around in the clearance".
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