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    Click image for larger version

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ID:	2010312 Computer monitor stands of the type that are included with a monitor are indeed limited in their movement. But an after market stand of the type that is bolted to a surface and articulates have an amazing range of movement.

    With a quick look the first one I came across

    There is no way this stand would not allow your viewing angle. And it will hold a 30" monitor.
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      Mike Amick. Thank you for taking the time to look into display stands.

      I agree that it looks like that articulated model is capable of positioning a display low to the work surface and close to flat on its back. Regrettably, it features a VESA mount which is a showstopper since my panel is not VESA compatible. That said, positioning my monitor in a fixed, low, steeply reclined manner will not be difficult to accomplish.

      As for the question at the beginning of the thread, it is clear that I am on my own in the desire to lay my display on its back for some relief from holding my head up and back.

      Thanks to all for the feedback. It has been informative to read about & see images of how others here have their displays positioned.


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        I have 27" monitor on my desk attached to my laptop and can't us it. First a large monitor is pointless if it simply makes the pixels bigger and everything looks grainy. I always take the base off and fashion a stand that lets the bottom edge rest on the desk because as monitors got bigger so did the stands and you wind up tilting your head back, especially if wearing multi-focal lens. At my last job they let a vendor choose me a new PC for SolidWorks. They gave me a dual motor Tesla! Then the monitor failed and I put in an order for a new one with the 2880 x 1980 pixels. The boss wanted to know why I didn't get the one a co-worker just bought. I told him you got me a Tesla computer, why would I want a Yugo monitor. I got the better monitor and it was great, after I took the base off and put down against the desk.