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    These have been around since I was a pup. They came out of a machinists tool box. I say machinists because there were some other tools I recognize. These have male and female ends that screw together but the female has a center in it that fills up the thing when together so they can hold nothing. Dont understand. They both have nice knurling. Made of aluminum. Click image for larger version

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    Maybe an apprentice machining exercise. A lot of machinists kept some of the first parts they made.
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      Those look like plugs for hydraulic screw together hoses used on some Hydrualic jacks and porta-powers.
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        Trepanation practice.



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          They resemble brake line flaring dies for like a double flare.



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            Aluminum wouldnt work for dies


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              They look to me like the caps that go on the ends of pre-charged helium lines used in cryogenic coolers and the like. Or possibly pre-charged refrigerant lines. Aeroquip makes the fittings.

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                I was thinking blanking off caps and plugs too. But with stuff like that one never knows.

                Heck, I run across things I made to allow doing a project at the time and can't for the life of me recall what the project was or what the item was for. How can I be expected to look at stuff you have that you didn't even make and know what it is ! ? ! ? ! ?
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                  Those are a bit like the ones for hydraulic fittings as well. Some hydraulic plugs are fancier.
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                    Originally posted by Toolguy View Post
                    Maybe an apprentice machining exercise. A lot of machinists kept some of the first parts they made.
                    Yeah, hard to tell from the pics but I would agree. Cap and Plugs turn in Test. Pretty good job, chitty metal :_ JR

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                      You put grease in the one with the treppaned grove. Put the corresponding bearing in and then screw in the other side to pack the bearing!
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