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Catalytic converter for a 24 hp grass cutter ?

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    Originally posted by projectnut View Post

    Be careful how high you make the exhaust stack and where you point the exit. I have a small end loader with a 22hp water cooled 2-cylinder Kawasaki engine. Originally the stack was slightly higher than the drivers head and pointed 90* from the body. It looked great and sounded awesome. Unfortunately, as the machine cooled down water would condense in the pipe and muffler. The next time the machine was started (didn't matter if it was 2 hrs. or 2 weeks later) it would spray black gunk all over everything in line with the exit end. Over the years I put black spots on the cars, trucks, tractors, and anything else that happened to be in the line of fire. I finally got tired of cleaning everything and rotated the pipe, so the exit end faces the ground. I now have an almost permanent black spot about a foot in diameter on the garage floor where it gets parked.
    An excellent point. Hadn't even considered anything like that.

    Well.... the whole world seems to be tripping over their own feet to go electric..... Perhaps time to transplant a Tesla pack and motor onto Edwin's lawn tractor?
    Chilliwack BC, Canada