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Maybe a YOU SUCK deal?

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  • Maybe a YOU SUCK deal?

    I don’t post much, but I read this forum almost everyday and I always read the “You Suck” threads and laugh. So I came across the stuff in the pic because I was looking for a 8” Chuck for my little Logan Powermatic Lathe for that occasional larger piece I can’t turn on my 6” chuck. I bought this stuff sight unseen, I didn’t even know what brands they were til I picked-up these chucks.

    1) 6 1/4” two jaw FPU Bial (Bison?) (2 1/4” thread?)
    2) 8” 3 jaw FPU Bial (Bison?) (2 1/4” thread?)
    3) 8” 3 jaw Buck Chuck ( Are these any good)😳
    4) 8” 3 jaw made in China
    5) And all the other misc stuff in the pic

    My little Lathe spindle size is 1 1/2”-8TPI so i need to find the proper back plate to make one of these to fit on my Lathe. Not sure if it’s a You Suck deal, but I was happy to purchase this stuff for $200 bucks. If anyone in the Phoenix area needs this stuff, send me a message.

    Thx, Rob

    Click image for larger version

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    Maybe you ought to keep them and find a bigger lathe?, just sayin. ( I wrote the English version, aka saying, but the spell demon changed it to that which you see, it is a retard ) however, don’t be shy, you suck


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      That qualifies in my books!

      YOU SUCK! ! ! !... .

      Seriously a great deal. And it looks like at least one of them came with extra soft jaws?

      The two jaw is the sort of chuck which I believe is intended to be used as a soft jaw setup for production. See if you can figure out a way to crank out a lot of extra mild steel jaws and perhaps even a couple of aluminum jaws while you're at it. It's ALMOST a replacement or alternative to a collet chuck.
      Chilliwack BC, Canada