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    I am relatively new to this site but I am a member of that other site since 2004. I don't go there much anymore because folks there tend to get a bit snarky and god help you if you ask a question that seems amateurish. Since I retired, everything I do would be considered amateur. They also frown on a lot of off topic subjects and I like off topic subjects I did not see a forum here for selling stuff or whatever. I have a Wisconsin service manual (not user but service) for the VE4 and VF4 engines. If anyone would like to have it then please let me know. I would just like to pass it along to someone who can make good use of it. I have rebuilt or repaired quite a few of these engines and I love them. I no longer do this so the manual is available for whoever could make good use of it. Thanks.
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    Very nice offer. I don't need them, but somebody might. If not, send them to Keith Rucker at . He's becoming the repository for old manuals. He is associated with some museum, so there is a hope that the repository will have a good home long into the future.


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      Thanks Dan.


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        I know Wisconsin engines were good power/weight ratio engines, and they made a gozillion of them, but saying you love them is downright perverse……

        I consider them among the most fiendish instruments of torture to ever bedevil mankind

        That IS a generous offer though!.


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          Since we're on the subject I wanted to mention that I have PDF copies of several Continental engine manuals.

          Years ago you could go on Continental's site and download them directly. A few years ago Continental was bought
          by Wisconsin and for a while the website stayed active and you could still access the manuals. Now, as far as I
          know, you can't find the manuals online anymore unless you're willing to pay through the nose for them. If you ever
          need a copy let me know and I can email something to you...
          Just one project too many--that's what finally got him...


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            I could use that Wisconsin service manual. I just got a request to help work on one from a fellow I know. I was just about to start searching for an online one. That s mighty kind of you and quite the coincidence. I will send you a private message.