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    Originally posted by bborr01 View Post
    I either use an indicator and a small hammer if I need the front side of a part to be true or else I just use a lathe spider like the one that I posted in post Forum of the shop made tools thread found here:
    A spider is no good if the chuck side of the part is rough cut, like band saw cut etc.

    Perfect alignment of an already faced part is only really needed if you should have to take a skim cut off of it and don't want to maintain the same DOC all the way around.

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      Originally posted by JoeLee View Post
      That's a third world country and they don't have one forth of what we have here to work with. They make due with what they can find and I'll admit they are pretty creative, but............ I have yet to see any of their videos that show how many of these people have been maimed or even killed because of their dangerous methods. And by their poor safety measures you know it's happened and probably quite often. Foundry workers walking around in sandals, no eye protection, the clothing they wear getting caught in machinery etc. etc. Stop and pick out the OSHA violations !

      And? Your point with regard to THIS video is exactly what?

      MY point was obviously that this seems pretty tame ,and unlikely to have bad consequences by contrast with the BFH etc in those. And, techniques are not condemned by who uses them, they are discredited by being used in bad ways.

      Would you condemn a useful and proper technique just because it was seen in a Pakistani shop video? Sounds as if you would.

      Of course, if you do as some have suggested "might be" done (as part of their disapproval), and either leave the part loose, or go straight to the highest speed, etc, there may be issues. But overall, it just does not seem to be a problem if the slightest good sense is used.
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        My metalwork master at school liked to tell us "don't do as I do, do as I say".