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    As we the bored post up on a basic subject. Clean it all up, tighten them and spray them with your favorite whatever to block the connection from oxygen and acid fumes. Done.
    I use Amsoil heavy rust proofing spray that coats with a waxy film.


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      Originally posted by reggie_obe View Post

      Why would it? Because it's non-conductive.
      While it is not a great idea to "slather" connectors with it, the presence of some grease does not block conduction....

      A polished surface, let alone a machined one, looks like the rocky mountains when you look at it magnified. The peaks touch each other, and the grease is rubbed off in those places. THERE is where the conduction is. Same with heatsink grease.... when properly applied (not gooped on in globs), it fills the spaces between the points that touch, and adds some heat conductivity.

      In either case, it does no good to put more on, and it prevents proper conduction (of heat or electricity). It should be a thin layer. When properly done, the grease just fills the non-conductive spaces where there would have been non-conductive air anyhow. There is zero difference in conductivity between having it and not having it, aside from the corrosion that may occur without it.

      Yes, there are better things to use. There are a number of greases made for connections, and if you have that, use it. I've used both, and there is no difference in the connection.

      If you don't know how to use it, then don't put any on. Of either type.
      CNC machines only go through the motions.

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