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    I have an old well I would like to cut up and use for fence post holes. Any ideas on how to do this?

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    Hmmm. Cutting it up into pieces shouldn't be any problem. I'd think a chain saw would go thru that like a hot knife thru butter. (...might not even need a chain mounted on it). Be sure to wear safety goggles to keep the chips out of your eyes!

    The difficult thing of course is gonna be pulling the well up outta the ground. You might check with some of your local rental places and see if you can rent a skyhook.


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      I'd leave it in place for now, it will take up less storage area than a lot of post holes lying around. You never how deep they will need to be. You can pull and cut to size when needed.
      Jim H.


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        Post holes from a well, what will they think of next? Well its too deep of a subject for my shallow mind. I got into trouble the last time I tried to install a short circuit into a the muffler bearing.

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          I don't want too many of them laying around, they deteriorate quickly in the air!


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            I normally chuck up the extracted well in a hollow spindle lathe and part them off. Problem is you have to catch the hole in a piece of pipe so it doesn't just float off. Then comes the problem of distinguishing the hole from the well from the hole in the pipe.

            I found the easiest way to control holes is to spray paint them. Holes have neutral bouancy in air and the spray paint provides just enough weight to make them settle to the floor. Makes them easier to find too.

            There's a lot to this science of holology. For example, used to be that circuit boards had hundreds and thousands of holes drilled in them. This took time and required expensive equipment.

            A friend of mine thought he was was going to make a killing in the electronics industry. He bought the insides of a WW II blimp from govt surplus. He shipped this to a rolling mill and had it bloomed down to billet then ran all them through a wire drawing operation until he had it all spooled up in sizes used by the printed circuit board industry. He had a whole trainload of seemingly empty spools each containing miles of 0.013 hole for diode leads for example and 0.034 holes for header pins. His fortune was assured.

            Then maybe not. First came the problem of shearing off and pressing the hole through the circuit board material inthe correct locations. This meant the industry had to re-tool with thousand ton presses. That was a lot of money and no-one wanted to make that kind of capital investment.

            Well that was about the time the technology went to surface mount components so holes were out. Now Lloyd has a big warehouse full of miles of tiny holes on spools and he can't even sell them to the hypodermic needle industry.

            You have to have a good handle on the market opportunities when you dabble in the re-cycled hole business.

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              First you need to know if your well is metric or english. If its metric you have to buy metric boards for your fence, that's expensive!!! I have an english to metric board converter I'll sell you really cheap. I also have an autographed menu from the last supper I'll sell with it.



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                Do you know if the ID of the well pipe is larger than the OD. If it is then you will have to turn the pipe inside out to use it for fence post. If you try to use it as is, the entire post will have to be below ground level and it is difficult to stretch the fencing material or nail the metric boards on them with the post in that position. A Goalong is about the only thing that you can use. There are located in the rental store next to the sky hooks. Clean up is easy if you keep a bucket of steam close by while you are working.

                Hope this helps. Send pictures when the job is complete.



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                  Good Grief!, see what you started!


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                    Why go to the trouble and expense of extracting and packaging your well hole when you can purchase them inexpensively by the box from the ACME company? If you have problems with the purchase orders, consider E-mailing their celebrity spokesperson. I believe you can contact him at


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                      First liar ain't got a chance!!!!!!!!

                      This though is no bull!!! I saw (on the Santa Fe line) flat car loads of hole being shipped, long holes from oil wells, like 5000 feet long, neatly stacked on flat cars. the stuff is flexible nuff to around curves, but if you stand close to the cars you can hear it rubbing in the corners arund the bends. Its really neat!!! I counted the cars - got to over fifty- i thought they were empties, dad explained to me. I see they are still shipping, mostly short stuff in box cars- dad says thats so they can pile higher and not get blown away. Its a profitable business - Uncle Sam has so much troulbe verifiying inventory at tax time. So much troulbe that there is no Mil Spec for the stuff,

                      Derned if I am gonna put my name under that bunch of bull.

                      Especial thakns to forrest for a complete answer and the shaver for asking in the first place


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                        Steve are you sure some of those cars weren't hauling sailboat fuel? Were they heading toward the coast?


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                          The train with the well holes just passed my house. There was no fuel for sailboats on it but they did have two cars of prop wash that they picked up a the airport. The prop wash is used when they install the well holes so they can easily bent to miss underground obstructions. The MSDS sheet were attached for the prop wash so that is how I knew what it was.


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                            After you get the fence up that is made from the well holes I have a pond for sale. The thing is I have had it for sale for awhile with no takers so I would probably give it away for hauling it. It sure would add a lot to any landscape.

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                              Course you can't dig all those holes without a P.h.d.
                              I just need one more tool,just one!