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Anyone have a Dumore Precision Drill # 17 model

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  • Anyone have a Dumore Precision Drill # 17 model

    I just got a Dumore Model # 17 Precision drill.
    This is the small 1/16 HP drill that goes from 1/8 down to #80 (.0135).
    The unit, while pretty old, looks OK.
    No Manual, which is fine except for two things.
    It sounds Ringee when running, so I assume the bearings need oil , but no holes.Are these just dry balls?.
    Second, when I go to Dumore's website, they have a newer version and it states the drill has a depth stop. NO pictures ever show this feature up close when I search this model on the web
    No stop is on my unit.
    Either lost or never had one. Anyone ever used one of these that can tell me what it may have had?

    Just a note ...Model #17 must reflect top RPM...17,000
    Green Bay, WI

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    Rich, no help on the depth stop. I had one of these a while ago, but have no recall of the details.

    Many of the Dumore die grinders use sealed bearings, and the DP may too. Very light oil would not hurt if you can get to the bearing. I doubt they are dry.

    If it has been sitting, it may have dried up. Sometimes you can work WD40 into them to loosen up the old lubricant.
    Jim H.


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      Mine has a shaft collar on the post/rack of the table that moves up and down with the knob. The shaft collar can be adjusted up the post to decrease the amount of stroke.

      Originally posted by Rich Carlstedt
      Either lost or never had one. Anyone ever used one of these that can tell me what it may have had?
      Largest resource on the web for Taig lathes and milling machines,


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        Rich, there is a company which advertises that they can help with Dumore drills they are at: Good luck. Take care. Vic Smagovic


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          Rich, that company URL I gave you above is not much help at all. The only thing I found out about the depth stop that it is a part of the mechanism that lifts the table. So, this is maybe where to look... if anything looks like it is missing. But of course you do not need me to tell you that. There is one company that has it for sale, maybe they can help you. They are:

          Nice drill. Take care Vic


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            Rich, I am back. The Dunmore company WEB site has a picture and description there, but model 16, and it mentiones that there is a collar that allows the depth adjustment.

            "SERIES 16 - 1/16 HP
            Compact and light weight, this bench type sensitive drill press is a rigid, stationary unit designed to consistently drill exceptionally precise small holes. Large, knurled adjustment wheels provide for easy, finger tip control. Hand fed table moves work to drill while Hole Depth Adjustment Collar maintains selected depth - repeatedly. Three-inch throat and swing away table add to versatility. Accessories available to control drill speeds. With 8 ft. cord and 3-prong plug."


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              Rich, I recently acquired an old Delta wood lathe in almost unused condition. The spindle bearings sounded exactly as you describe from the grease having solidified. Thinking "what the heck, I'm gonna need to change them anyway", I sprayed Starrett M1 at the seals while rotating the bearings by hand. After only a few minutes, powered up (standing to the side ) and within a few seconds, they sounded like new and have done a handful of jobs since then with no problem.

              I figured that if they were in good shape, with no contaminants in them, it would do no harm to loosen up the old grease.

              Your spindle speeds are a LOT higher, of course, so having the bearings in top shape is critical.