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PSA: Acme Tools Scam Website

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  • PSA: Acme Tools Scam Website

    Just a public service announcement: there is a scam website out there that is very difficult to distinguish from the real Acme Tools when viewed on a mobile device called "acmetoolsonlineshop . com". It is not the real Acme Tools (despite copying the logo and general site layout). They had a really good price on a Dewalt demolition hammer (normally $35 but listed for $10.50). I thought maybe it was just some kind of special sale and figured I'd buy it. The confirmation page had some "changlish" on it so I went to the real Acme Tools website on my desktop and tried to check my order number. It came back as invalid. Luckily, the CC company flagged the transaction and all should be good, but it could have been worse!

    Now that I'm browsing the scam website, there are other red flags like an 11 drawer roll around tool cabinet for $99 and free shipping but figured I'd pass along the warning...

    (FWIW, I've ordered from the real Acme Tools several times and have always been very happy with the prices and service)

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    Thanks for the heads-up. I wonder if the real Acme is even aware of this? Sounds like a major headache for them.
    Traverse City, MI


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      Same M.O. as fake equipment and auto auctions. Biggest red flags are the low price and free shipping, both being "unbelievably" low. The other as pointed out is misuse of grammar or words that are not quite right. Legit firms have proof readers to avoid anything like that. Common mistake is use of plural words in the singular sense and vice versa.

      I did some research on these types of on line scams, particularly equipment auctions, a few months ago and they are highly sophisticated, copying web site backgrounds, equipment photos, fake staffing photos, even down to a fake service department, and the manager photos,...all fakes. Worse still, copying forum user profiles to use as references for their sites or products with glowing, long term "great experience" ratings. Dozens of them, all fake. I checked it out with the actual known forum users, including a couple of forum administrators, who had no idea their on line identities had been stolen and published in this way. Glowing ratings dating back several years on a web site and company name created mere days before.

      Anything I look at on line gets a thorough examination of the URL for the page I'm on. Any URL misspelled or with an added or substituted character, and I exit. What a world this has become.

      Fasttrack, glad you got away without being burned, and thanks for posting this. There are probably hundreds of folks looking for a delivery that will never come. Sad.
      S E Michigan


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        Originally posted by George Bulliss View Post
        Thanks for the heads-up. I wonder if the real Acme is even aware of this? Sounds like a major headache for them.
        I contacted Acme Tools and their legal department is now involved. I'm not sure what kind of recourse they have but they are obviously concerned about the use of their logos.


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          Pretty interesting. I’ve seen scam sites in the firearm industry that look like legit dealers/distributors. Most of those only accept forms of non-refundable e-payment though.

          Full on copying websites with logos is a whole different league.


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            The Coyote used to buy from ACME tools but Ralph the dog used to shop at ACE Novelty Co.
            Ever notice that ? ? ?



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              I also bought something recently from a scam website. Still waiting on what the bank has to say. It was a fake Toledo Tools website. I got sucked in by the price.