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  • 4 jaw chuck

    i have a craftsman late model 101 6x18 and my 4 jaw chuck need to have the screws replaced that adjusts each jaw. one of them have been abused
    by the previous owner and the chuck key is also in bad shape.any advice on where to purchase new screws and chuck key?
    thanks ken kuban

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    Not knowing what make of chuck it is makes it difficult to make any recommendation. As for the chuck key, making a chuck key should not be a challenging exercise. I do wonder just how one can abuse a chuck key to the point it is unusable.
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      You may find it more to the point to buy a new chuck. If a chuck has been abused enough to whack the adjusting screws, one wonders what shape the jaws and the jaw guides are in.

      For lack of any other place to start, I'd look in the MSC catalog

      As Evan says, the chuck key shouldn't be too much of a problem to make, assuming the business end is just a square or hex section. Get a short piece of pre-hardened 4140 or something like that, and mill (or even file) to suit.
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        Clausing Corporation still stocks most parts for the Atlas/Craftman Lathes. I don't have the address with me at the moment though. I know it has showed up in past threads on the BBS, try looking there.

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          Try Vic Smagovic


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            Clearly second the idea that an abused chuck has probably got more problems.

            If they burred up the key square, or just cracked the square socket getting the chuck off banging on the key, well maybe....

            If they partly stripped the screw, or the jaw, then there has been major force put on it by some gorilla and the jaw and maybe its slideways are probably messed up, etc. The 618 has small chucks, not as hard to mess up as a big heavy 10" 4 jaw.

            A 4 jaw is usually wanted for work of sufficient precision that a bunged-up chuck is more trouble than it's worth, if it is practical to replace. Ugh.... shims on the jaws, bleahhh...... Been there, don't want to go back.
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              4 jaw chuck for your 618...

              Hello fello Atlas owner.
              OK, I agree with the opinions regarding the chuck body being damaged if the abuse is heavy. Check prices for replacement parts from Atlas, maybe check flea-bay too. Often lots of Atlas bits on there. Also try the Atlas 618 group on Yahoo. Lots of guys with parts there.
              Another source I'd consider for a new chuck are some of the Busy Bee/ Grizzly
              type Chicom 4 jaws, assuming you can find the right spindle thread for the chuck or backing plate. (Which is yours, 8 or 10 tpi...?) It's just a little 4 inch chuck.
              I'm lucky, my 1947 vintage 618 came with a 4 jaw chuck still in it's box...price was right.
              I used a little Chicom 4 " 3 jaw on the dividing head on my Rockwell mill. It's OK for what it is...