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Have you used "Techno Weld"

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  • Have you used "Techno Weld"

    Have any of you ever used this product? Is it as marvelous as they claim!!

    Pros and cons please!

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    Look under the thread about welding aluminum from a few weeks ago. There was a great deal of discussion of different products.



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      I have used similar product and I have not been impressed. I believe having some type of flux which cleans and protects the aluminum is critical.

      Check this website.

      Friend of mine who repairs air conditioners swears by their "aluminum solder".


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        Welding is a by-the-numbers business these days. There are standard reference books (some free) available at any welding supply shop where you can look up joining most any metal to any metal and find a reliable procedure using off the shelf product and a cook-book technique.

        Some of these welding products ("designer rods", a friend of mine calls them) produce welds having handsome bead appearance but little penetration and actual strength and ductility. They're best used on projects where there's little risk to life and/or property on failure.

        You never know the quality or properties of these products because many contain some "secret ingredient" that can't be cross referenced to the real world of welding. Some of the aluminum "brazing" rods that produce a beautiful bead also produce a powerful galvanic cell that when exposed to moisture grows white "moss" along the fusion line in a short time.

        If I was to compare some of these fix-anything welding products it would be to the sticker you put in your cell phone that acts like an antenna 4 feet long. Or those "add 3" inches to your..." come-ons. Lots of promise, dubious performance

        For high strength, high confidence welding there's no substitute for proven procedures taken from a good welding guide that lists standard filler rods and procedures.

        If you're sticking an aluminum bracket together for the toilet paper roll, fine, use the designer rod.

        If it's a masthead fitting for your sailboat or any part of an airplane you better do the job right by making a good weld prep, matching the filler to the base metal, and working clean. Using the right process, and the right technique yield reproducable results.

        Given the price of some of those designer welding rods the difficult, complicated, PITA right way may be quicker and cheaper in the short run as well as the long run.

        Weld in haste repent in leisure.

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          I just tell those internet spamers it is already that thick.